Let’s connect you with your audience.

Graphic designer turning your marketing team’s ideas into successful campaigns.

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Let’s connect you with your audience.

Graphic designer turning your marketing team’s ideas into successful campaigns.


Write to me

If you think that your Marketing team needs a Designer who…

Renews the Brand to show a more professional and attractive corporate image to your clients.

Helps your company to be recognized clearly and without any doubt.

Achieves that your sales material shows your product and service quality

Pampers your visual identity and is cared for by someone who is passionate about it.

What can I do for you?

Graphic Design Services

Web & Digital

I design the Wireframe of your website, newsletter or Landing Page. I create the Graphics for your Social Networks. What do you need?

Brand & Logo

I design the visual identity of your business: I create your logo, define colours, typography, and style. All focused on your client.

Visual Communication

I develop your company’s advertising creativities, so that your clients and users perceive the quality of your services.

About Me


I’m Aloha Gran, yes it’s my real name, it’s not a brand name, it’s not a nickname, it’s the wonderful way my parents welcomed me into the world.


I was born in Zaragoza in a creative environment. A painter mother, a fashion designer aunt, a bullfighter father and a grandfather with a little exploited gift for singing.

Creativity was in the air! I have been drawing and creating since my childhood.

First steps as graphic designer

I started my studies as graphic designer in 2003, in Zaragoza’s Arts School. There I learned how the shapes and the colours can communicate in your corporate image.

Among other things, I learnt how photography can move people depending on the framing or how typography is much more than the word it forms.

The beginning

I quickly started working as a graphic designer, supporting a marketing team in a multinational company, Ktuin.

I integrated into my Graphic DNA the need for the brand to have visual coherence, to be recognized and, of course, to transmit the company’s values.

The Result

I am a 360º graphic designer who has worked since 2005 for large companies, SMEs and freelancers in various sectors.

Since 2022 I work remotely as a digital nomad, absorbing the cultural and graphic influences of the countries I travel to.

And do you know why?

Because I like to help great projects stand out from the crowd and communicate to the people who need them.

My work helps them to be seen and recognized as the great professionals they are through their corporate image.

I consider myself fortunate to help bring professionals together with people who are looking for good quality and service, making it easier for them to find each other and grow together.


Here you can see some of my work in graphic design, visual identity and corporate image.
Look at them with love, because there is GREAT love in them and if you want to know more about them just write me.

Allegra, pole dance

Cruz Roja social media creativities

Dr. Barzola | Logo Aloha Gran

Dr. Barzola Navarro

Acción Liberal, social media creativities

Renta Fluida

GDS Modellica | Retoque de Imagen | Aloha Gran

GDS Modellica

B21 | Logo Aloha Gran

Branding Digital 21

Diseño gráfico Guía de estilo | Aloha Gran

aelēc – Campaing Brand

Siord | Logo Aloha Gran

Siord – Logo Design

Aloha, I would like to see more projects

“Because your logo is more than a drawing, it is the symbol that represents your business”

There has been a big change in the brand image. It now has much more presence and customers perceive greater professionalism. Thanks to this, our communications have more presence, style and we give a better company image.

Mónica SánchezPropietaria, La Encina Restaurantes

A good professional who adds value, who doesn't just focus on design, but always tries to contribute something more. We have been collaborating for more than 7 years and we are still there.

Saulo ValderrábanoCMO, La Productiva

Thanks to Aloha we now have a corporate image that represents us and conveys more quality. At the beginning you try to create a brand image on your own and with your own resources, but the difference of having a professional like Aloha is abysmal. Now we have much more coherence.

Javier IglesiasMiqo's CEO

I wanted to improve my brand image in order to get better feedback from clients. After hiring Aloha I have not only achieved that, I also feel that we are more up to date. I am happy with the attention to detail, the follow up of the project and the good attitude to work.

Antonio LópezCo-Owner L&V Asesores