Diseño gráfico Guía de estilo | Aloha Gran
Campaing Brand

The Origin

The association of energy companies aelēc aims to contribute to the transition to green energy and the digitalization of the electricity sector in Spain.

Among its areas of development is the dissemination of efficient and responsible electricity habits. With this motivation, the aelèc School Prizes were created, whose main objective is to educate on the proper use of energy and the new energy trends that are being worked on.

The Project

The conditioning factors for this work were:

  • focus it on a child audience and user,
  • maintain a link with the aelēc brand,
  • allow future editions to change the character.

In that first edition, the historical figure who gave his name to the aelèc School Prize was Nikola Tesla, one of the fathers of the modern energy system.

Diseño gráfico Guía de estilo | Aloha Gran

and colours

The typography…

had to look good with the aelèc brand, be legible and fun, requirements that the Paytone One from Google Fonts covered perfectly in the headlines. Keeping the Open Sans, the typeface used by aelèc for the paragraphs.

The colours…

selected from the corporate colours, one of its main colours Pantone 3252C and one of its secondary colours Pantone 135C, providing the energy that the project required.


The elements

From this image it should be possible to create different materials and games, so we had to add certain elements that allowed a multitude of combinations.

These elements in future editions will be changed by two elements that identify the new character.

  • Plasma ball
  • Electric beam
  • Container trapezes